Chloe Wakeham is a resident of Cardiff and has a background in Psychology and MSc in Clinical Psychology, with a hopeful PhD in Sociology soon. She’s often found playing guitar, writing a blog inspired by mental health issues and LGBTQ+ topics, as well as having fun with film photography.

She says
“The Cardiff Community is quaint and quirky which is why I love being a part of it so much. It’s imperative to support the people and projects that help colour our city. Cardiff will continue to grow and expand in diversity and I’m excited to witness this.

“I wanted to photograph Nik because she’s an up and coming international PhD student in the mathematical world. As a queer woman in STEM, she belongs to a group who are underrepresented and don’t always get the recognition they deserve as researchers.”

Chloe’s photographs used colour to represent LGBTQ+ and featured Nik’s beloved skateboard. The Portra 800 roll of film is perfect for portraiture and making colours pop.

Chloe was keen to participate in this project because she passionately believes the arts and STEM are complementary.