1. The biggest event of the year — The National Eisteddfod

Who doesn’t love the Eisteddfod, the national celebration of all things Welsh? As you’ll know, this is a big week in the Welsh school calendar, showcasing the best of music, dance, art and literature. With a lot of singing and celebration, it’s time to brush up on your Welsh (even if you’re not a native). For students, it’s a time to get creative and competitive. For teachers, it’s a time to sit back and watch the fun unfold! Bendigedig.

2. When daffodils take over the entire school for the whole month of March. Yep, St. David’s Day has arrived.

St. David, the man and the miracle maker. Most famous for spreading the word of Christianity and performing acts of wonder, we celebrate him once a year as a symbol of our Welsh heritage.

What better day to get the kids dressed up in old school outfits, daffodils and leeks? Although this does lead to a lot of fancy dress mishaps, with kids complaining they’re “too itchy”, and scowling in class photos.

As the sound of little voices belt out Hen Wlad fy Nhadau in morning assembly, it rings out for a day of ease for teachers. With the pressure taken off lesson plans for one day, the school goes into St. David’s Day mode as cross words and colouring books are handed out in the name of education, and Welsh folklore takes over storytime.

3. Termly trip to Techniquest

Pack your lunch, we’re going out! Once the permission slips are signed, the money is in, the children are registered and the teachers have had at least 3 panics for the kids who ‘wander off’, you’re ready.

Crammed on to the bus with the sounds of sheer excitement and the familiar rustling of bags of crisps, it’s time for a day out at Techniquest. As soon as the tickets are handed out, it’s a scramble towards the air machine, as all the kids want a go at sending the beach ball flying through the air!

4. Drawing of the flag

Teaching the class to draw a Welsh dragon and completely failing it yourself, with your attempt looking more some kind of confused horse with a bit of a wobble? We’ve all been there.

Some countries have it so easy when learning to draw their flag, but not in Wales! Mastering that dragon is an art, and helping students draw it can be a challenge for those of us not blessed with natural artistic skill. We can’t all be good at everything, right?

5. Welsh Cakes

Need another cuppa? Have it with one of the Welsh Cakes the kids made in today’s culinary activities! We love an excuse for a good celebratory snack. Eisteddfod? Welsh Cake. St. David’s Day? Welsh Cake. Christmas? Welsh Cake. A little gossip in the staffroom? A Welsh Cake wouldn’t go a miss!

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