Gan Voices From Care Cymru

We all had the most amazing afternoon out to Techniquest, Cardiff Bay during February half-term!

We went as a group who are Peer Parents, who normally meet as a Cafe or online through Voices From Care Cymru. We support each other and campaign for more support, and we had stopped off at the Senedd before our Techniquest visit as part of that campaign. It was time for a very precious day out together to have fun as we have missed being out and about through the pandemic.

Our group consisted of 6 adults, 6 children and a baby, who were excited to learn and play at the Science Discovery Centre, Techniquest. Paul at the front desk was really helpful when we arrived and helped us get organised!

The adults were saying Techniquest holds happy memories of exploring and days out from their childhood. So it was great to rush in and see all the bright, new, futuristic exhibits to interact with! They had loads of new things to look at and couldn’t believe they’d left it so long. The adults and children kept excitedly asking me to ‘look!’, as they showed me around, finding fascinating things to interact with.

I most enjoyed the Bubbles and Blasts show in the Science Theatre; the lovely 6 year old I was with was the quietest I had seen him all day. He was enthralled; there were giant bubbles and bangs with the blasts that were great fun, and scientific! It was lovely to see him enjoy it so much.

The younger children loved the water play. Some of the highlights for us were the interactive screens, the huge ant house, outer space, making music, the weighing, the cycling, sliding, x-raying and game playing.

The whole centre was very clean and it felt safe to let the children run around — with an eye on them, of course! We were able to sit down and watch the children when we needed to and be busy and active walking around at other times. So much to see and do! We had a nice cuppa afterwards too.

It was really eye opening, to see that beyond children and families, Techniquest is fab for teenagers and friends too, now that it’s been expanded and updated.

Our visit was perfect timing and long overdue — we have missed coming here! About time for a ‘fresh eyes’ visit to Techniquest. Gift shop duly visited, we left with some mementoes to play with at home. Happy memories made, thank you!