The Community Gateway Engagement Team aims to help make Grangetown an even better place to live and work through university-community partnerships. Investing in nine social, environmental and economic themes defined by communities in Grangetown.

Over 50 partnership projects have helped to bring community led ideas to life. These have included the award-winning Grangetown Youth Forum, a Business Forum which led to the launch of Grangetown’s World Street Market, Run Grangetown, Annual mental health events, a Citizen Scientists programme, among many more.

The redevelopment of Grange Pavilion will build significant links to STEM through partnerships with local area schools to give children access to a safe green space for learning, as well as directly enabling the growth of a community garden.

Lynne Thomas, Community Gateway Project Manager is actively involved with a Techniquest project that aims to widen the knowledge of Anti-microbial Resistant (AMR) in the community. The ethos of Community Gateway is co-production for mutual benefit; people sharing skills and experience to bring ideas to fruition. By engaging their neighbouring communities, Techniquest can promote STEM to a new audience but can also grow and develop through the input of that new audience.