Born in Jamaica, Errol came to Cardiff in 1973 as a small child, with his parents and brother. They settled in Riverside and he later moved to Canton in 1985, a year after he married his wife Jaqueline. Cardiff is home to Errol, and he completed his electrical engineering apprenticeship in the local area.

Errol has a keen interest in golf and classical guitar, but his true passion came from his faith, which gave him the opportunity to meet and work with youth groups, and eventually set up sponsored youth clubs. Working and understanding youth in the community is very important to him.

The opportunity for Errol to become a Trustee at Techniquest in 2019 combined his passion for youth and community work, with his experience in STEM as an electrical engineer. He wants to support Techniquest to make STEM relevant to individuals in the local community who might not think science is relevant to them.