Jacqueline Anne Fanthom is not originally from the Cardiff Community but feels very much part of it now that she lives in Whitchurch. She joined the U3A and a photography club, is in the process of learning Welsh, and has also become a member of a choir. All people involved making her very welcome, whilst also having made amazing friends, making Whitchurch very much feel like home.

Jackie says
“Eirini was born in Greece and works at CUBRIC. Little is known about the brain, so it is wonderful to have a new state of the art brain imaging centre here in our city with scientists like Eirini working to help those who are affected by diseases within their brain. I wanted Eirini’s face and the brain to be highlighted against a dark background for a strong, dramatic image and represent Eirini’s field of science.”

Eirini says
“I was born in Crete, Greece, studied Physics, and then got my PhD at the University of Florida, USA. Now living in Whitchurch, I love the fact that Wales has a unique identity, with its own history and language. I feel a part of the Cardiff community, especially since my two sons speak Welsh and support Wales in football and rugby. It’s also a great place to enjoy my hobbies such as running, hiking and yoga.

“When Jackie first asked me about this project, I was extremely honoured! I hope to convey the message that science is for everyone as so many groups in our communities are under-represented in STEM. Neuroscience and brain imaging aim to understand the brain and how it functions, and these goals motivate me on a daily basis.

“Art has been used successfully in communicating advances and innovations of STEM to the general public, and is an invaluable way of highlighting the importance of STEM.”