With a Higher Education Diploma in Criminology and Forensic Science, it was a natural route for Tony Thompson to work in STEM engagement, as a Science Communicator. Originally from Ely, he has always had a strong link to Cardiff with “a lot to do in such a small but beautiful place.”

As a representative of someone in STEM, he enjoys the classical methods of science communication but the ‘Techniquest style’ of incorporating a sense of humour to his shows, whilst also leaning heavily on education. “My personality is expressed most in the theatre — with my goal to educate young people but also get a laugh from parents. STEM should be inclusive for everyone.”

He incorporates STEM into his everyday life, with the launch of his own educational business that supports and gets involved in annual science festivals. Linking with 20th Century art nouveau, he believes science and art link together and help to form content creation.

He believes Science Centres are learning innovative ways to allow audiences to selfdiscover and link STEM to everyday things, creating a neutral and approachable environment for all communities.