What is our Audio Tour project?

Techniquest is committed to providing an inclusive and supportive environment for all visitors. As a result, we are developing an App with our community, for our community. They have requested that we create the App in the most popular languages they speak which include, Arabic, Polish, Bengali, Somali, Urdu, Chinese and French.


What are the aims of the project?

Our aim is to reach out to members of the community who experience communication barriers in their everyday lives. Through research and consultation with local groups we discovered that many individuals who are deaf, visually impaired or speak English as a second language (ESOL) felt that there were barriers to their learning, making interactions with our exhibits challenging. As a result, our new project will provide widespread enjoyment, strengthening communication links and facilitating a social experience for all. We will utilise customer and community feedback to provide an accessible and welcoming centre that emphasises learning and education for all members of the community.



Techniquest is committed to working with diverse and dynamic groups in order to expand our understanding of how better to serve our local community. We are currently working with groups from Sight Life Cardiff who will be assisting with the audio description element of our project. In addition, we have also consulted Wales Council for the Deaf members in order to invite feedback regarding the accessibility of our centre. We have also developed a link with the Language Café based in Riverside (South Riverside Community Development Centre) who will support us with more basic language translation.


What next?

We are seeking collaboration with individuals or groups who can support us with the translation of our exhibits into the languages aforementioned. Techniquest is currently developing an exciting new Science Capital project which will launch over the coming months. This is your opportunity to make a difference within the local community by demonstrating inclusivity and community, both of which are values at the heart of Techniquest’s ethos.

Do you have these skills? Contact us!