At Techniquest, we embed science in Welsh culture. We believe that education should be accessible to everyone, regardless of background, economic situation or ability. 



We want to transform our existing gift shop into a 105m2, light-filled, accessible and versatile space for local people to enjoy. Regular sessions, projects and events will benefit around 900 people annually.

In total we aim to meaningfully engage with over 1,000 people from our local community over the coming year. Many of these people will be from audience groups who have little to no involvement with our work currently.

Current retail shop to be transformed into a brand-new Learning Hub (Image: Visitors image via Google reviews)



To make the greatest impact, we will focus our approach locally. 46% of children in Butetown live in poverty; one of the highest rates in the country[1]. 31% of people living in Butetown have no access to a car, making resources within walking distance critical. We want to develop co-created projects to support people to enjoy the multiple benefits of learning and working together. Supporting those facing the greatest challenges allows us to make a real difference.



Many people from these areas do not currently feel they can access our offer. Your support will help us change this mindset; giving everyone a chance to get involved and develop skills, competencies and support networks that will make a real difference to their future opportunities.

“Science isn’t just for scientists; it is a creative and imaginative human endeavour. A way of thinking, asking questions and observing and exploring the world around us, to seek evidence and find answers. As such, it can open doors and can be invaluable in almost any job, across any sector.” – Beth Hawkins, Science Museum Group

34% of Butetown residents are BAME, with 29% born outside of the UK and 18% speaking limited English[2]. We work extensively with local English as a Foreign Language groups and have undertaken staff training in supporting second language English speakers. We find that listening to local people is the best way to understand their priorities, interests and any potential barriers to engagement. The more we work with local communities, the more relevance we can offer them.



Any support you can provide would be of real benefit and all contributions exclusively support our charitable work. You could support us with:

  • Equipment  Computers, projectors and screens would all support local people to run workshops.
  • Furniture  New furniture for our Learning Hub, making it a welcoming, functional space.
  • Sponsorship  Promote your brand at Techniquest, whilst helping us design a room suitable for all of our projects.
STEAM workshops (Image: Zaid Djerdi)


Thank you for your time and consideration of our proposal. We hope you agree that our new room is an asset to the community and that you feel compelled to join us on our valuable journey. If you require any further information or would like to see our work in action, please get in touch.

Contact: [email protected] | 02920 475 496


[1] Loughborough University Centre for Research in Social Policy, End Child Poverty 2019.

[2] Cardiff Research Centre, UK Census data.

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