Our new exhibit has arrived!

Showcasing the important role Radiology plays in diagnosing a broad range of conditions; it can assist people to more accurate identify early diagnosis, ultimately leading to more successful treatment.

Visitors will be able to interact with the exhibit and explore a range of conditions that can be identified by radiology techniques such as X-rays, CT and MRI scans.

National Imaging Academy Wales is an organisation focused on training the next generation of diagnostic imaging healthcare professionals including Radiologists and Radiographers supported by NHS Wales and Welsh Government. The Academy is a focal point for collaboration, innovation and research in Wales, creating a dedicated environment for academia, industry and NHS Wales to introduce new ways of working and explore new applications such as Artificial Intelligence.

screen and display board showing how the new exhibit will sit at Techniquest.

James Summers, Head of projects commented on the new partnership;

“It’s great to be working with the National Imaging Academy Wales; using our centre to help highlight the importance of early diagnosis using radiology. The NIAW offer a fantastic resource to train the next generation of Imaging Professionals in Wales using the very latest technology. This exhibit marks the beginning of our exciting new medical biology area that will be completed in 2020 as part of our Science Capital build. There are lots of exciting things to come in 2020, with this exhibit being a prime example of the advanced technology to expect as part of our new offering.”

Dr Phillip Wardle, Consultant Radiologist & Director, National Imaging Academy Wales said:

“We are so pleased to work with Techniquest on this exhibit. This started from an idea by one of our senior Radiologist trainees, Dr Syed Junaid.  He applied a novel approach to showing normal imaging and disease in this interactive educational display demonstrating the capability of non-invasive Diagnostic Imaging to help our patients. We hope this will help increase knowledge and understanding of what we do in Radiology Departments, so essential in all aspects of patient care.  We also hope that this will be only the first of many collaborative projects between our trainees, NHS Wales and our Academy team with Techniquest to educate and inform on physics, human anatomy and medicine through diagnostic imaging.”

Our brand-new exhibit is available now and is located on our upper level. Check it out and let us know your thoughts!

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