Thanks to CSconnected, we’re proud to present one of the Science Capital’s new exhibit for all ages — an interactive experience highlighting the impact of Compound Semiconductors technology in our lives…

As we have discovered through the COVID-19 pandemic, skills such as problem solving, creative thinking and innovation are vital in responding to modern challenges. These are essential Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) skills and they are becoming more valuable every day as the need for people with STEM related qualifications will only continue to increase.

The South Wales region is home to CSconnected, a unique community of organisations who are directly associated with research, development, innovation and manufacturing across the entire compound semiconductor supply chain.

Compound semiconductors are a globally important technology and are at heart of the high-tech devices we use today. They are central to the development of 5G networks, autonomous electric vehicles, robotics, AI and advanced imaging techniques for a variety of industries from security to healthcare. To meet the increasing demand for our materials the cluster has the potential to create and safeguard thousands of engineering, technical, manufacturing roles jobs in the region over the coming years.

As the technology sector needs to attract more talent with the right skills, CSconnected has partnered with Techniquest, the science centre located in Cardiff Bay, to highlight the compound semiconductors industry in Wales.

Chris Meadows, director of CSconnected commented:

“We are excited to work with Techniquest to develop an innovative exhibit that will be part of the brand-new centre.

“As CSconnected grows we want to raise awareness of our globally important industry and the opportunities for STEM-related skills in our sector. Techniquest commands a unique position, from their visitor profile to their engagement programme with schools. Our new interactive exhibit will show exciting technologies and applications that rely on compound semiconductors made in Wales.”

The compound semiconductor exhibit is part of the Science Capital, a project that transforms Techniquest to house new content and attract a more diverse audience, including people of all ages. Following a successful opening weekend, and with comprehensive COVID-safe measures in place, Techniquest is now welcoming visitors back: ticket sales are now available.

James Summers, our Head of Projects said:

“The Science Capital plans have been over four years in the making and the team has worked incredibly hard to ensure Techniquest can re-open even bigger and better than ever before.

“The project will give visitors a whole new experience, with brand-new exhibits that highlight exciting and innovative industries in Wales and broaden opportunities and access for STEM-related jobs in the future.”

Remember — you need to pre-book your tickets online before visiting us!