The new and exciting Content Designer role will focus specifically on temporary exhibitions.

The new exhibitions will be sourced or designed to create interactive displays. Techniquest will carefully evaluate their impact and the audiences that visit them. This forms part of Techniquest’s Science Capital Project where audiences will be introduced to new ways of exploring science. The extending and restructuring of the building is due for completion in January 2020, with a host of new exhibits being introduced into the centre.

Jennie French was appointed to the Content Designer position in March 2019. Here’s a little bit from Jennie on why her passion lies within this area:

When I decided I wanted to pursue a career in Science Communication, I had no idea of the opportunities that being a content designer would provide. As a recent Master’s graduate, I never thought I would be able to find a job that encompassed all the parts of Science Communication that I enjoy. Luckily for me, working in the content design team at Techniquest allows me to be creative by designing events, sourcing and creating temporary exhibits, as well as working with members of the community and researching current exciting topics for new temporary exhibits, workshops, events or shows.

I’m really excited to have joined Techniquest during this time of change; for me it means that I can be part of a team who want to welcome a more diverse audience into Techniquest and make our content relevant to audiences that haven’t felt able to come in previously. I’m looking forward to finding and making temporary exhibitions that appeal to these audiences and work with community members to create activities and interactive displays that they are interested in.

The first temporary exhibition project is something quite light-hearted. On the 13th May, Generation Games will be installed at Techniquest. This eight-piece collection from Samuel Anstee, takes visitors from the very first games console in 1972, to current gaming technology over eight generations of consoles. Visitors will have the opportunity to play a game or two from each generation and at our launch event on the 18th May, there will be more game themed competitions, workshops and stalls to take part in.

Since starting in my role, I’ve felt supported and encouraged to express my creativity and I’m really excited to see how my role evolves in the future and for all the projects that I will be involved in. — Jennie French

Find out more about the Project by contacting Jennie French or viewing our Generation-Games-Flyer.