Last week saw two of Techniquest’s core members of staff undergo an intensive training course for Mental Health First Aid (Wales).

Our Exhibition Manager and Events Coordinator spent two days with Ajuda Training in Cardiff Bay.

The role of Mental Health First Aiders is to confidently spot any members of staff or visitors who may be experiencing mental health issues such as stress, anxiety or depression and to have the tools to help and support them in getting any help that they may need.

Mental health is as important as physical health, and it is important that stigma around the topic comes to an end. Businesses that support their staff with this type of training find that it can be beneficial all round.

The Mental Health First Aid (Wales) Course has set objectives and learning outcomes:

  • To help participants spot the early sign of a mental health problem (such as depression, anxiety disorders, stress etc)
  • To raise awareness and understanding of mental health problems in people
  • To build confidence to help a person experiencing a problem
  • To preserve life where a person may be a risk to themselves or others
  • To provide help on a ‘First Aid’ basis
  • To reduce the effect of a mental health problem on the individual and the people around them, whilst preventing the problem from escalating
  • To encourage early intervention and speedier recoveries
  • To provide comfort to a person experiencing mental distress
  • To know where to refer the person to get the right help

For more information on these courses, visit Ajuda’s website.