Techniquest continues to build Science Capital in the local area, with the facilitation of its first ESOL and Family group.

About our new ‘Friends’ Group

The well-established group was previously ran from the BAWSO centre at Clarence House by volunteers from the Bay Church. The group members and volunteers moved to our facilities in early May to enhance the groups connection to STEM, whilst also continuing their English lessons for women of all nationalities and their family.

The group have been running on a weekly basis in the local area for over 13 years and encourage those who attend to develop their English language skills. They are not only a group for learning but have built life-long friendships and connections with one another.

Find out more about how you can join the ‘Friends’ group by contacting the Engagement & Partnerships Team.

Our Facilities

Techniquest is a unique space to learn and facilitate a group session. We have conference style rooms where ESOL and learning groups can be held, with the use of a projector. This room is also adjoined to an informal learning space and kitchen facilities. We also have a innovative Lab, that holds up to 35 people.

Event space in Cardiff Bay

The Importance of Creating a Community Space

As part of our Science Capital project, Techniquest will be looking at the development of a Community Space for projects and groups led by the community. This space will encourage groups to use Techniquest in a new, creative and relevant way.

This space will be launched during the opening of Techniquest’s new expansion in Spring 2020. In the meantime, we’re working with a small number of groups from the local area, using current spaces to understand how we can form an area that’s created of, by and for our community.

Our Community Work

The facilitation of new groups continue to engage and encourage a more diverse audience from our local community to use our centre. We want audiences to continue their learning at all ages and are therefore doing so by linking their interests with STEM and making topics more relevant to the individual.

There are many developments for the near future in Techniquest’s Community work. We have so far worked with the local community through outreach projects, PAR sessions, attendance at local events and the facilitation of our new community groups.


Are you interested in holding your Community Group at Techniquest, contact [email protected] for more information.

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Are you a Community Organisation or Individual? Connect with us at Techniquest, please contact us at [email protected].

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