We don’t know about you, but we love a party and we love them even more when they involve two of our favourite things: interactive science and a fully-licensed bar.

If you’ve never been to one of our famous evening events, where have you been? Our adults-only After Hours are a chance to get hands-on with science while taking a bite out of street food from Epic Caterers, exciting entertainment and a beverage or two. Kindly supported by Admiral, each event follows an iconic theme with special guests and activities.

If you didn’t get a chance to come to our last season of After Hours, here’s what you missed…

After Hours: Into the Future

As we welcomed the highly-anticipated return of After Hours in October, we took visitors on a time-travelling quest into a futuristic world of cutting-edge technology and scientific innovation.

For one night only, virtual reality, AI and next-generation cars took over Techniquest as guests were able to hop into a Nissan Leaf 2.Zero, experience Oculus Go headsets and 360° cameras. They also heard all about what technology and super intelligence means for humanity with exclusive talks from local experts.

That’s not all, we also enjoyed virtual reality experiences from Orchard, where guests were tested to walk the plank in a nail-biting challenge that had them hover above a city at great height.

Events at Techniquest
Techniquest After Hours: Into the Future ©Steve PopeFotowales

After hours: Code breakers

Just before Christmas, we challenged our visitors to crack the code with a unique escape room style experience designed by our friends at Breakout Cardiff.

On a mission to unleash their inner detectives, our guests were tasked to find clues, put together puzzle pieces and unravel mysteries as they explored the exhibition floor in a giant game of hide and seek.

We’re pleased to say everyone made it out in one piece, well done to all the aspiring Sherlocks out there!

After hours: Under the sea

With our last After Hours, we made a big splash with our sold out, environmentally-conscious Under the Sea event.

With edible cocktail blobs, pop-up shops and an eco-lounge, we explored man-made changes to the world’s oceans and the harmful effects of plastic pollution.

Our guests were even able to make their own colourful, fizzy bath bombs and take on the challenge (and slight humiliation) of a surfboard simulator. We promise, it wasn’t us who fell off and there definitely AREN’T pictures to prove it…

In an immersive evening filled with environmental experts and activities, visitors were able to explore all that our centre has to offer along with special talks and activities from our friends at Lush, Ripple Living, Skipping Rocks Lab, Cardiff University and Cardiff Harbour Authority.

Events at Techniquest in Cardiff Centre
Techniquest After Hours: Under the Sea ©Steve PopeFotowales

That’s a wrap on After Hours… for now! Keep your eyes peeled for details about season, and make sure you follow us on Twitter for all the latest updates.