Christmas may be all about the traditions, but your office party doesn’t need to be! A sit down, three course turkey dinner and some cheesy music is no longer in vogue — here’s why an alternative party is the next big thing.

Your Christmas party is an event in the calendar that brings the whole team together to celebrate their hard work throughout the year, it should be an evening to remember. Modern day businesses want a modern-day celebration, so ditch some of the outdated traditions and think outside the box this year!

Location, location, location

Although a large and lavish venue can offer an evening of luxury, it can often prove quite costly and difficult to fill. Alternative venues could provide your team with good food, drinks and festive fun without breaking the bank. A larger location that isn’t booked out for private hire allows you to mingle with people from other businesses in a more casual setting, this can often lead to business and personal relationships being formed — a Christmas miracle!

Food, glorious food

We all adore the delicious aromas that flood from the kitchen on Christmas Day, the turkey roasting in the oven with all the trimmings. The question is: can you ever beat your home-cooked Christmas dinner? The answer quite frankly is no, so why take your team for a traditional three-course Christmas dinner that is nowhere near as good as the real thing? Try something new! Thai, BBQ, seafood or even some traditional Welsh dishes — street food is the new fashion!

Festive fun

As much as it can be amusing to watch some of the spectacularly bad dance moves that get showcased at most office parties, the usual after dinner entertainment year on year can become a little mundane. Take your team somewhere where they can have fun together (and nobodies two left feet need to be exposed!). Christmas parties can be held in a variety of venues where there are fun activities that will engage the whole team.

DJ at Techniquest

It’s fashion, darling

Many office Christmas parties require a black-tie dress code… and a whole lot of stress. Finding the perfect dress that is covered in sparkles and will no doubt dazzle (or blind) your colleagues can be a huge dilemma. So, remove the stress and allow people to dress as they please in a venue without a dress code. Or you can impose your own dress code on your team such as ‘Ugly Christmas Jumpers’ — whoever has the ghastliest get-up wins!

So, this leads us to one final question: where in Cardiff can you find a quirky location, with delicious food and fun activities for the whole team that won’t require a penguin suit for entry?

At Techniquest, we invite you to celebrate a little differently with us this year. On Friday 13th December 2019, you are invited along for a night of festivities with our hands-on exhibits, street food, bars, music and entertainment — all under one roof and for just £20.

Bring your colleagues along to a venue which is guaranteed to be packed full of fun, fantastic food, your favourite tipples on tap and celebrate not only the magic of Christmas but also how great your team is!

More information and tickets available here

Bubbles at Christmas

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