This year Techniquest is celebrating its 30th Anniversary.

We’ve put together a list of 30 reasons why you should visit our popular science discovery centre in Cardiff Bay this summer.

  1. It’s suitable for all the family

    It doesn’t matter how old you are, Techniquest is the science discovery centre that is suitable for everyone! You can bring all the family with you from children to grandparents and not have to worry about anyone getting bored.

  2. Reasonably priced for everyone

    The best thing about Techniquest is that its reasonably priced so you won’t be breaking the bank by visiting. Adults can visit for £7.50 and for children and concessions its £6. There’s also a family ticket for just £25.

  3. Go cheap on Sundays

    We are doing a great deal where you can visit our science discovery centre for only £3 after 2pm on Sundays throughout the year.

  4. You can go star gazing

    Techniquest is home to Wales’ only digital planetarium and its shows are suitable for all ages. There are a range of presenter led shows that will be sure to leave you stunned.

  5. Splendiferous Science

    It’s not only us who are celebrating our anniversary this year. It’s Roald Dahl’s 100th birthday this year and we have a great show to honour it. From 16th July to 4th September, Techniquest has a science show inspired by Roald Dahl and his fantastic characters.

  6. The Big Machine

    The Big Machine is Techniquest’s biggest exhibition ever. In March the exhibition was transported from the Science Museum London and is now permanently with us. Discover more about engineering with this fun, interactive exhibition.

  7. The Robotic Arm Exhibition

    Ever wondered what it’s like to be an Astronaut? This new exhibition was inspired by the Space Station and lets you find out if you have what it takes to be an Astronaut. With this exhibition you could be your family’s answer to Tim Peake.

  8. Pawprints in the summer sky

    This astronomical show is for under 7s. Your own little astronomer can go looking for animals in the stars as well as discovering more about the constellations. It’s also hugely interesting to see what animals your little one can spot.

  9. Techniquest is home to the largest gift shop in Cardiff Bay

    If you love shopping and love science, then this is the perfect gift shop for you. The gift shop is a great place for you to take home a little memento of your exciting day out. You can choose from science kits, books, stationery and a selection of Welsh gifts.

  10. It’s a great night out

    Yes, you read that right, anyone over the age of 18 can visit Techniquest for our ‘After Hours’ events. There are a range of activities and workshops to release your inner child. For just £3 it’s the best night out in Cardiff you’ll ever have.

  11. Your visit to Techniquest can be an all-day event

    With a wristband you can come and go as you like throughout the day. So if you wanted to go for a walk around the bay before you fill your brain with even more incredible science.

  12. You can play a keyboard with your feet

    The giant keyboard is a popular exhibition that allows you to play with your feet. You can create your own tune or play one stored in the keyboard by following a sequence with your feet.

  13. Techniquest has its very own rocket

    Our hydrogen rocket allows you to launch your very own rocket. By simply turning a handle you can produce hydrogen and oxygen and launch the Techniquest rocket.

  14. We have a large granite ball which you can move with just one finger

    The Kugel exhibition allows you to show off your strength to your friends. Of course, it’s science allowing you to move it with one finger, but your friends don’t need to know that.

  15. Techniquest can make you lose your head

    Fool everyone by letting them think you’ve lost your head. Due to strategically placed mirrors this optical illusion makes it look like your head is on a plate.

  16. We have our own hot air balloon

    You may not be able to ride in it but you can make it rise. The Hot Air Balloon is one of Techniquest’s most popular exhibition’s. Heat the air and watch the balloon rise up to the ceiling.

  17. In Techniquest ghosts are real

    Whether or not you believe in ghosts you can’t deny that there is something ghostly going on in Techniquest. Our Ghosts exhibition allows you to create your very own ghosts.

  18. Create your very own light

    You can reflect, bend and manipulate light at Techniquest’s light table. You can even create coloured light and who knows you may be able to make your own rainbow

  19. You can create your very own morphed face

    If you love morphing images especially faces, then you can with Techniquest’s fun ‘Through the Looking Glass’ exhibit. Thanks to the special mirror you and your partner can merge your faces into one and create a new person.

  20. You can create your very own Bermuda Triangle

    We have a theory as to why so many ships go missing in the Bermuda Triangle. Test this theory out with our Bermuda Triangle exhibit. Is it magic or just plain and simple science?

  21. Find out if there is anyone else like you in the world

    By entering your very own personal characteristics in to our special computer you can find out if there is anyone else with your traits. You could find out you are one of many or one of a few?

  22. We have our very own treasure chest

    Always wanted to find the treasure? Now you can with our treasure chest. The treasure chest will trick you so try to avoid the red herrings and simply open the chest to get the treasure.

  23. Have a go at Techniquest’s Crazy Crane

    It may look easy but it’s really not. Try and pick up the objects with this four-way system. The strings are connected in a non-obvious way so you’ll have to use and adapt your brain to the particular contraption in order to beat this crazy crane.

  24. Create your very own animation film

    Always wanted to know how to create an animated film? Well now you can by directing your very own short film. Find out how you make still images move and who knows you could find yourself becoming the next best director in animation.

  25. We have a beach ball that can hover in mid air

    Defy gravity with Techniquest’s Bernoulli Blower exhibit. This beach ball hovers in mid-air without any support. Trick your friends in thinking you’ve become a magician with this fun exhibit.

  26. Create sweet music with their light beam harp

    It may sound impossible to play a harp by plucking laser beams, but at Techniquest nothing is impossible. Make a little sweet music with this cleverly made harp.

  27. Try and beat the world’s fasted throw

    The world’s fastest throw is 105mph but can you beat that? Throw a ball as fast as you can and see if you can beat the world record.

  28. Have a bubble race

    Find out which liquids are stickier by watching how long air bubbles take to rise. Who will win, cooking oil, shower gel or engine oil?

  29. Squeeze a heart

    It may not be a real heart, but with this exhibition you can find out how hard your heart works pumping blood around the body. See if you can beat your heart or will the muscles in your hand get too tired?

  30. Follow the road to infinity

    By using mirrors and LED images you are able to follow the road to infinity. By using the mirrors, you can make the road bend, go up a hill or across a valley.