Scientists at Cardiff University have teamed up with Cancer Research UK, Techniquest Science Centre, Health and Care Research Wales and The Wellcome Trust to deliver a fun and challenging day of science and art.

Thirty sixth form pupils from Cyfarthfa High School, Merthyr Tydfil, were given a tour of some of the cancer research laboratories at Cardiff University to inspire them to create some original pieces of artwork. Their work is outstanding and is now part of a touring exhibition, for which the next port of call is Techniquest Science Centre on Saturday the 13th of August for a one day special event.

“This event is more than your average art exhibition.” Explains co-organizer Dr Alexa Bishop from Cancer Research UK. “We have designed an interactive arty science treasure trail to make the exhibition a bit more fun and challenging for youngsters”.

Dr David Cole from Cardiff University who is co-organizing the event added, “as well as displaying the artwork in secret locations around Techniquest Science Centre, we have interactive games and a planetarium show called ‘ Body Wars’, that tells the story of how we are using light 10 billion times brighter than the sun to make new cancer medicines.”

The team want to show how science and art can go hand in hand to inspire the next generation of young scientist to join the fight against cancer.