Whether you’re young or old everyone loves Techniquest.

It’s a place where the children can explore exciting adventures and the parents can unleash their inner child thanks to its 120 interactive exhibits.

So, just in case you need any more reasons to visit the Cardiff Bay attraction this summer holiday, here’s five of the latest things to see and do…


1. You can animate yourself

Forget watching animations — with our new Animate It experience, you can create and watch your own animation and share it to your social media. Soon you can share your creations with all your friends and family.


2. We have a new app

Delve deeper into our wealth of exhibitions with our free Look Closer Wi-Fi app. This will help you unlock all the behind the scenes secrets at Techniquest, engaging with our attractions even further, and finding out more about Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM).


3. All the fun of dress up, without the mess

Would you love to be an astronaut? What about a fairy? The launch of our Virtual Reality Changing Room allows you to virtually dress up in a range of costumes including professions, fairy-tale creatures and animals.


4. Even better demonstrations

Don’t miss our BBC’s Terrific Scientific investigations, science demonstrations, and our new show for the Science Theatre.


5. Air is really Air-Mazing

Ever really thought about what air is? Our new show Air-Mazing will delve deeper into this exploring, what it contains, and some of the amazing things that air can do.

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